Golfers at all skill levels benefit from having clubs fit for them. The most common reason I hear for buying clubs off a rack is, “I am not good enough for custom clubs.” The truth is a golfer can dramatically improve their handicap with custom clubs. As complex as the game can be, it is also very simple. With any sport or mechanics, the proper tools are imperative. Most golfers are playing with the wrong shaft. Golfers invest money in the wrong tools to improve their swing and their game. Golf is an expensive sport, so investing in the right shafts and grips can make all the difference in your overall experience of the game.

With some simple measurements and assessment of your style, you can be fitted quickly. Assessment of your swing, ball speed and launch angle is imperative to determine what shaft you need. We are proud to announce that we now utilize FlightScope XiTour to assist with the assessment.  A common issue that occurs when one is using the wrong shaft is that it is too stiff so the optimum launch angle is not attained. Get fitted by the best and rest assured your assessment will be accurate and the work to follow can improve your game exponentially.